Void() Mathieu De Coster


I am a Computer Science Engineer, graduated from Ghent University in 2017. This is my personal blog which contains opinions on games, computer science topics and more general topics as well.


I have worked and am working on some open source projects. These include:

  • RsGenetic, a genetic algorithm library written in Rust
  • Iron Example, an example on how to use the Rust web server library Iron
  • glExamples, a repository of OpenGL code examples in C++

I have also worked on some close sourced projects. One was a web application to facilitate functional analysis, created for a course at the University of Ghent, for my bachelors degree in Informatics. Another university project was SignAid, an application that allows real time sign language translation to text using only a webcam. We obtained an accuracy of over 90% on a data set of 25 words, containing 5000 videos in total. I was responsible for continuous integration and continuous deployment together with the system admin and also worked on computer vision and machine learning.


If you want to contact me, you can find me on Twitter or send me an e-mail.

If you want to see my resume, please visit my LinkedIn page.